We help public and private organizations to build up their teams within our domain through providing in-house training courses which could lead to obtaining Certificate and Diploma from EBCCM. These certificates are: Business Continuity Manager (BCM), Crises and Disasters Manager (CDM), Environmental Manager (EM), Engineering Manager (EM)


We provide consulting and studies for public and private sectors in addition to the international organizations within the following: Business Continuity Management, Crises Management, Risk Management, Environmental Management, and Engineering Management


We provide general and in-house training services for the following areas: Business Continuity Management, Crises and Disaster Management, Risk Management, Environmental Management, and Engineering Management


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Disaster Risk Management Training Course-Dubai

Disaster Risk Management Course-Dubai Disasters Risk Management functions are carried out at all levels of government and organization, consistent with perceived vulnerability and risk and competing priorities for resources. The affected population demands effective crisis management in place and ready for application. With this intention in mind, this course will provide participants with knowledge and […]

Business Continuity Management Training Course-Dubai

Business Continuity Management Course-Dubai To introduce business continuity and the role it plays in the protection of property in the public and private sectors through appropriate planning to prevent or reduce material and human losses. Understanding natural and man-made hazards enables organizations to assess their impact on achieving their own goals and work out appropriate […]

Introduction to Disasters Management August 3 @ 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

This course allows attendees to gain understanding of principles of disasters risk management with the intention to introduce business continuity plan for different organizations to minimize disasters impacts.

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Dr. Naill al-Momani was member of my Ph.D. thesis committee and I benefited and learned a lot from him through working together in the committee to prepare for the Prince Muqrin chair for crisis management international workshop. He was able to transfer the knowledge to others, and even able to do so through what God has given him. My colleagues of the Municipality of Jeddah, who participated in his courses during my work as Undersecretary of Jeddah Governorate learned a lot of his experience and transferred the knowledge to the governorate.

Dr. Eng. Ali Bin Mohammed Al Qahtani, Advisor to the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection and former Undersecretary of Jeddah Governorate

In coordination with Dr. Naill Al-Momani, a proposal to establish a crisis management center at King Abdul Aziz University was presented. A master’s program in disasters risk management was also established at the university and finally establishing the Prince Muqrin chair for crisis management.
During my term as chair of Jeddah City Council Dr. Naill l conducted a specialized consultancy to study the potential risks of the city, which was a witness to what he has ideas and research distinct within risks and crises management

Prof. Ayman Fadil/ Member of the Saudi Shoura Council and Past Dean of Business School