Our Story

EBCCM® is considered pioneer and founder of training, consultations, studies and arbitration in the Middle East within the field of business continuity, crises, risk, and emergency management. It was established in Jordan by Dr.Naill Momani in 2006 to fulfill the gap in such needs for the Arab countries. EBCCM® then registered as center of excellence within Business and Knowledge Alliances at King Abdul Aziz University-Saudi Arabia in 2010 in cooperation with Prof. Ayman Fadil. Clients included World Bank, Jeddah municipality, Arabian Gulf University, Jeddah Disaster Management Center.

Subsequently, Dr.Naill joined recently established Rabdan Academy as founding member and the previous chair of integrated emergency management and business continuity management programs leading to B.Sc. degrees (2013-2017).

During Dr.Naill services at Rabdan Academy, he initiated training services through developing and delivering successful short courses within business continuity management domain for selected members from governmental agencies in Abu Dhabi such as GESC, ADEC, NESA, and DED.

EBCCM® vision

is to be the leaders within business continuity and integrated emergency management domain in the MENA region

EBCCM® mission

is to provide professional services by trained people to mitigate human and monetary losses from natural and man-made disasters


 EBCCM® provides excellent training for ERT (Emergency Response Team), BCT (Business Continuity Team) to improve their response capabilities to future crises.
 EBCCM® build its clients business continuity and contingency plans based on realistic risk assessment and management studies.
 EBCCM® help governments to develop and maintain their National Disaster Management Plans that could be based on realistic expectations.
 EBCCM® help national and international organization to build their Strategic Risk Management Plans based on scientific SOWT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis
 EBCCM® help international agencies such as WHO, World Bank, UN-ISDR, IFRC to oversight their crises and disaster management activities within the Middle East region to maximize the use of their committed resources.

EBCCM® Rational

  • The need to coordinate crises management activities in MENA (Middle East and North Africa Region).
  • To improve business competitiveness during and after disasters.
  • To help business recover to normal activities by proper planning.
  • The global interest in the field of crises management.
  • Jordan and MENA vulnerability to different natural and man-made disasters.
  • The need to have national strategies in the field of crises management and risk management.

EBCCM® Goals

  • Public and institutional awareness of the need to adopt crises risk management, and business continuity management issues.
  • Reduce and prevent future human and monetary losses due to disasters.
  • Coordinate national and Arabic efforts in the field of crises management and business continuity.
  • Provide educated people in the field of crises management to public and private institutions.
  • Play regional role in the field of crises management and business continuity.
  • Help to coordinate international and regional organizations' and institutions' activities in the field of business continuity and crises management.